Positive Learning

Ways to improve your social relations:  Increasing Well-Being with Thankfulness & Gratitude
Recipes for boosting your motivation:  Increasing Well-Being with Self-Determination & Autonomy
A way to learn what is right with you:  Discovering, Developing & Applying Your Signature Strengths
Another opportunity to reflect on your well-being:  Is There Wisdom in Happiness?
Why languish when you can flourish:  What Is Your Positivity Ratio?

What it means.

How other students have scored:  Dimension Means by Gender
Characteristics of students with high well-being:  What You Can do to Elevate Your Well-Being
Characteristics of colleges that promote student well-being:  Weakness-Based & Strength-Based Cultures in Higher Education 

More Information

Reliability & norming research:  Student Well-Being inventory Statistics.
Validity research:  How Valid is the Inventory on Student Well-Being?
Supportive research & theory on psychological well-being:  References on Student Well-Being.