Positive Pedagogy

Assessment for promoting enthusiasm for learning form: The ELCAT
Want to have more flow experiences in teaching?  A Moments of Flow Assessment Technique (FMCAT).
If your students are engaged & happy, you will be too:  Assessment for Promoting Enthusiasm for Learning
Why not use a little positive psychology?  Teaching Tips for More Positive College Classrooms
Do you practice positive pedagogy?  Caring & Supportive Traits of Master Teachers
Does your teaching broaden & build student resources?  An Upward Spiral Assessment Technique.
How to promote psychological well-being in student groups:  Assessment for Team Building.
Want to help students become more optimistic about their learning?  Optimistic practices in teaching.
Need some inspiration?  Quotations for Positive Pedagogy.

What Scores on the Inventory May Mean

The average results of other faculty:  Mean Scores on the Dimensions of Well-Being
Optimal places to work:  Some Characteristics of Vital Colleges
Predicted effects of optimal work environments:  Effects of Vital Colleges on Faculty

Some Suggestions to Strengthen Faculty Well-Being

What you might do to strengthen your well-being:  Specific Suggestions for Faculty to Help Themselves.
Recommendations for faculty mentors:  Shoulds and Shouldn'ts of Faculty Well-Being.
Recommendations for faculty leaders:  Seven Suggestions to Enhance Faculty Well-Being.

More Information

Background research and theory on faculty development:  References on Faculty Well-Being.
Does a positive classroom stage better learning?  References on Positive Pedagogy.
Abstracts of websites on faculty development:  Useful Websites on Teaching in College.
Inventory norming & reliability research:  Faculty Well-Being Inventory Statistics.
How valid is the inventory on faculty well-being?  Validity Research on the Inventory on Faculty Well-Being