"Imagine how higher education might be transformed if measures of psychological well-being were used to strengthen the positive mental health of students and faculty."


 When faculty, staff, and administrators become aware of the effects that curricular and co-curricular programming has on student well-being, how might this knowledge change the way they facilitate the learning, growth and development of emerging adults? When administrators and faculty leaders can see where faculty vitality is hearty or depleted, how might this awareness change policies and programs on faculty development? These questions and the vision behind them drives the current research we are doing at Well-Being in Higher Education.


This website delivers and scores two inventories on well-being: one for students and a second for faculty. Both are derived from current research on the promotion of psychological well-being. While these tools can indicate general levels of satisfaction and happiness, they are designed to elucidate and assess the specific underlying conditions that enable growth in students and faculty. 




This part of the website is for college students.  Here you will find an inventory to assess your well-being, information for interpreting the inventory and other resources to help you achieve optimal psychological well-being.




Here faculty will find an inventory to assess their well-being, information to interpret the inventory and evidence-based interventions and suggestions to promote their psychological well-being and that of colleagues.

Institutional Researchers

If you are a student or faculty developer, or an institutional researcher, this website can help you collect assessment data on the psychological well-being of students and faculty.  It will create a database that you can query online and also download for more extensive statistical analyses.